The Breath Brake

The Stress Response is the body’s natural message for “flight or fight.”  While it may work wonders in the jungle when attempting to kill or be killed, it does some awesome damage to our lives, our health and our relationships when we can’t let go of the chase or the fight.

In “fight or flight” every element of the body’s capacity is focused on one thing, survival. That does not bode well for chronic, long term stress. Every normal function including the body’s ability to fight disease is compromised by the stress response.

Breath belongs to the body’s autonomic or involuntary nervous system. It is the one part of that system that we can control very easily. When we inhale and “lift ourselves up” in the process we become primed for the exhale. In the exhale we can release the tension of our muscles. When we put that all together, we have a “Breath Brake”.