We are excited to announce that our community classes are now open to all children in pain, regardless of the cause. All of our programming, including uniforms, is free of charge & siblings are welcome. The Heroes Circle teaches meditation, breathing and movement techniques found in the martial arts to empower children beyond the pain and trauma of childhood disease.
Martial Arts Therapy Techniques

The primary martial arts techniques used for inpatients and outpatients are:

Power Breathing – a series of martial arts breathing techniques that increases gentle movement, lowers pain and focuses the mind.
Body Scan – a meditation technique that slows the mind and body and creates relaxation, pain reduction and a sense of peace and quiet. Beyond lowering pain, children tell us that this is a very powerful tool for inner peace and relaxation. Everything we do is conducted with great sensitivity to any expressed limitations by the physician/clinical team. We also have a soft pad children are able to use to visualize striking away fears, anxiety or illness.

Using martial arts therapy, the Heroes Circle program teaches seriously ill or injured children and their siblings to:

• Regain a sense of control over the chaos of their lives
• Become empowered partners in their own healing
• Push away the message of pain
• Provide inspiration and light to others facing life-challenges
• See themselves as victors, not victims

To register or for more information please contact us.