Luca’s Story

Luca's Story

Hi, I’m Luca. My mom says I was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma when I was four months old. We went in for my four month routine checkup and our doctor found a golf ball sized mass on my right kidney. From then on, I’ve been in & out of lots of hospitals. I’ve had chemotherapy (which didn’t work for me – it made my tumours grow bigger) and surgery (when the tumour got too big the doctors decided to take most of it out). At 8 months old I had a thirteen hour surgery to remove a kilogram of tumor & my right kidney from my tummy. The doctors weren’t sure I was going to make it out of the surgery – but I showed them! Since then, we’ve just monitored the masses that were left behind. I have bloodwork and scans (MRI’s and ultrasounds) done every six months to make sure it’s not growing. I hate bloodwork – it used to take mom & three other nurses to hold me down to take blood from my arm.

I started with Kids Kicking Cancer two years ago now – They started up their Windsor program and I got to take lessons from Sensei Peter. He’s managed to teach me power breathing and I’ve had lots of opportunities to use it. The first time I used it, I was so proud of myself (and my mom was too!) I wanted to call Sensei Peter from the hospital right away! I’ve also learned how to lay very still for all of my scans. I was able to lay still & breathe through an MRI and a CT scan of my entire body, followed by an hour & a half long bone scan for the first time without sedation this summer!

We found out in April 2012 that the tumours on my liver and kidney have just started to grow again. I just had another big surgery to see if it’s new cancer cells or just the old stuff – Either way, I’ll have more tests and more surgeries in my future. While I was in the hospital, they had to take lots of blood and put in (and take out) all kinds of tubes. I used my breathing lots and told everyone that would listen about Kids Kicking Cancer. The IV team lady wanted to know all about the program because she’d never had a kid breathe through an IV at two o’clock in the morning like I did! My nurses thought I was pretty amazing! My mom and dad are so grateful that my brother, my sister and I can take part in Kids Kicking Cancer – it’s helping all of us in lots of different situations in our lives.