Haley’s Story

Haley's Story

Haley is almost 9 years old. This past June she had surgery and missed two days of school. Haley was happy she could come back for the last day of school, especially since her friends all made a big card for her. Not long afterward Haley’s family received a phone call to meet with Dr. Taub, the pediatric oncologist at Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

Since meeting with Dr. Taub, Haley told us that she had to have IV fluids that made her “puke”. Haley has had lots of pokes and blood draws, and she had a port put in which she told us she would prefer to have removed.

Haley’s Nana found out about Kids Kicking Cancer while visiting Children’s Hospital of Michigan and enrolled her soon after. Haley told us that Kids Kicking Cancer helps her with all the pokes, blood draws, and IV’s that she has to get for her treatment. Haley uses the power breathing that she learned in her Kids Kicking Cancer classes, and now practices the breathing all on her own. It helps Haley control her anger. Haley told us she yells a lot less now!

Haley likes to come to Kids Kicking Cancer karate classes. She said she had always wanted to take karate lessons. Her favorite parts were the punches at first, but now she likes the kicks too. She likes meeting new friends in classes and at events, and she especially likes it when the other kids get water for her. They all help each other out.

Haley would like to tell other kids that Kids Kicking Cancer could help them too!