Emily & Keanna’s Story

Daunte's Story

Who Are My Heroes?
I have two heroes and they are my children!

Emily is my now 14 year old daughter who has faced many challenges in life. She was born as they say “blue,” and needed oxygen right away.  When she was young she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Fibular Hemimelia. She has had to endure a couple of operations, as an aid to her legs! Last year Emily got to become a hero at The Heroes Circle program!  She enjoys and gets so much out of these classes, she needs no reminding about classes each week.  She has gained so much confidence from participating and learning Kids Kicking Cancer’s marital arts therapy techniques! It has also given her strength to be a big sister to a very medically challenged little sister, whom she loves.

Keanna is Emily’s younger sister, she is nine years old and up until two and a half years ago was a healthy child. In February of 2013, Keanna was diagnosed with a very rare kidney
disease, FSGS.  Unfortunately do to the progression of the disease, Keanna is on nightly dialysis. Each day she takes over 15 medications through her G-Tube.  The Heroes Circle has
helped Keanna so much. She has learned to breathe through the treatments that she receives, and nightly needles that she does not like. She has also gained strength in her muscles, which will help her during recovery when she receives a new kidney. Keanna enjoys the fact that she can participate in The Heroes Circle classes at her own rate, and take breaks whenever she feels like she needs it.

As a parent of two children with medical needs, I appreciate that each week we are welcomed to a safe and clean environment for classes. It is wonderful that the program is free for children in pain.  I think it is great that we are able to participate in the community but know that if we end up stuck at the hospital for a procedure or other tesating, that the program will even come to us!  Yes the girls get such a wonderful program to attended but it also nice that parents in the program have an hour to talk about life’s journey together!

-Emily & Keanna’s mom