Meet Our Heroes

Pain is not just about necrotic or dying tissue. Brain imaging tells us that one’s sense of fear, despair and anger affect the physiology of that pain. Allowing these children to know that they are teaching the world, lessens their pain of disease and procedures. It also creates a motivating force for healing.

The greatest threat to public health is ambivalence. Most people are well aware that stress, overeating, smoking etc. are bad for their health. The simple breathing techniques that we teach are great tools in reducing stress and controlling negative behaviors. However, even when we have moments of dedication to take control of our lives, it is more common than not that we become ambivalent and quickly loose interest in those goals. The Heroes Circle creates a constant motivation and inspiration. When you click this site you are telling the children, in real time, that they have a purpose in their lives. In front of our patients, the numbers keep going up. At the same time, soon to be millions of people will be inspired to “take that breath” and take control of their lives in a healthy manner.

Talk to our children and become a member of the Heroes Circle, for their sake and for yours!


Teaching The World

Amber Daunte David Desi Emily & Keanna Emily-Marie Haley Josephine Jamiah Jennifer Kate Lexi Luca