Helpful Tips

Kick-A-Thon Helpful Tips

Have a multi-day event to boost participation. Offer events on both a weeknight as well as a weekend.

Contact your local Chamber of Commerce and local media (radio, TV stations, and papers) to add your event date and information to Community news and Calendars in your area.

Invite the Community to your event to enable others to see what your school/studio has to offer to boost enrollment.

Include information about your event in an upcoming newsletter or email to explain the event to your group.

Pre-Register participants (students) for the event to encourage them to begin collecting donations for their participation.

Collect contact information, including email addresses, from all of your participants/ students so you can send a reminder three to five days before the event and thank them after the event.

Reach out to other martial arts studios and ask them if they would like to hold a joint competition together…..against each other! Simply keep your school/studio’s participant’s data, pledges, and donations separate for turning in your own School Package for calculation of the student prizes and eligibility of the grand prizes.

Contact other local businesses in the community for sponsorship support. They can donate food, beverages, decorations, or other donations and sponsorship funds.

Add side events to help enhance participation and raise additional funds. Some great examples are barbeques, picnics, dinners, where attendees are charged by the plate.

Take video’s, photos and record stories from your event and share with us at and on your social media sites!

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